AFTRA AFTRA (American Federation of TV and Radio Actors) is the union that represents most actors in TV shows, videos and commercials. There is an overlap with SAG, (Screen Actors Guild) which represents talent in movies, etc. Generally speaking AFTRA deals with video and SAG deals with film, but each may be involved with either. A project is either AFTRA or SAG, but not both.

ART DIRECTOR The person from the advertising agency who is responsible for the art/design of the project.

ARTISTIC NUDITY Artistic nudity is a form of nudity that is quite tasteful in the nature of poses, but is still revealing. Photographers who do this often work in black and white or with unique lighting scenarios. Generally speaking, these are the types of photos that are intended for gallery display rather than in magazines.

AUDITION Interview with a photographer, art director, casting director or client where they evaluate you for a particular opportunity. Where specific talents are required, it is not unusual for you to be asked to perform. As an example, for acting, one might be asked to read lines from a script.

BIKINI AUDITION The same as an audition except that one will be asked to appear in a bikini so that the client may evaluate your figure.

BIT The term applies to a role as an extra where the actor is asked to do something specific on camera for which there are no lines. As an example, if one were an extra acting as a doorman at a hotel, went up to a car, opened the door so an actor might exit, that would be doing a "bit."

BODY CHECK For an assignment where shape is critical, a casting director may want to view your figure. This will often be done in a bikini. In some cases, a body check will require nudity (if the assignment requires nudity). It is important to never disrobe at an audition unless you were informed in advance of the nature of the assignment and have discussed the requirements with your manager and/or agent first.

BODY DOUBLE Normally in feature films, when a featured actor/actress is either unwilling or unable to show their body, an alternate person is used without showing their face, and filmed in such a way as to suggest it is the featured character. NOTE: While body doubling often involves nudity, many times it does not. As an example, an actress may need to appear pregnant when she is not. An actress might need to appear in a swimsuit, but for a particular reason, she may
not so a body double might be used.

BODY MODELING This is where shape and form are essential. It isn't necessarily, and often is not nude. Examples posters you see for beer or tools. You will see a model dressed in a sexy swimsuit.

BOOK Another term for "portfolio" which is defined here in detail.

BOOKER A person who works for a talent agency and actually books jobs for models.

BOOKING A term used synonymously with "a job that has been offered to the model and accepted."

BOUDOIR A style of print that is normally a lingerie style or an implied nude glamour or similar shot in an indoor, bedroom setting.

CALL BACK After auditions have occurred, the casting director will often narrow the field of candidates for a particular assignment. You are then being called back for further consideration to help the casting director make a final selection. A call back will often entail a more specific process such as a body check, screen test or wardrobe check.