Comp Card
The Composite Photo Card (Comp Card) helps to get you noticed and considered for projects. A comp card (some call a Zed card) provides a small
collection of pictures and basic stats on card stock or rigid paper. It is a standard marketing tool that has been around for many years and is still very
essential to have today. Comp cards are relatively inexpensive and are versatile sales tools.
I know from my experience as a photographer that comp cards are very useful in hiring talent. Comp cards are often displayed in racks on the walls of
modeling agencies. This makes it easy to go into a modeling agency and quickly scan the talent they have available. Comp cards are also mailed to
photographers, art directors, and others to advertise new talent or to show updated looks or expanded capabilities of an established model. Comp cards often
are held in a photographer's talent file for future project consideration. They give the photographer the ability to show prospective clients a selection of talent
available for a project in addition to providing a resource file for the photographer's reference when projects arrive. Comp cards can be used in other fashions,
but they remain a very essential marketing tool for a model.
You Begin with Photos
The ultimate success of a comp card comes down to the quality of the photographs. The quality of the photographs comes from the quality and talent of the
model and the professionalism and creativity of the photographer and his team. To have an effective comp card you need to start with an excellent set of
photographs. Most important is an eye-catching, grab-your-attention-from-across-the-office head-shot for the front of the card. You can have great photos and a
poorly produced comp card and still come out with something useful. Bad photos and bad production will indicate you are not a professional. Of course top
photos, innovative design and top comp card production will announce you as a top-tier professional model. Besides a great head-shot, the comp card will
have other photos that show your experience, your versatility, range, and what type of work you are seeking. For best results all of the photos should be the
highest quality you can obtain at your stage in your modeling career.
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